How to make wooden frames for Portraits and Pictures?

The modern lifestyle has transformed the ways of decorating the house. People now love to have a matching interior decoration that is sleek and sophisticated. One central element of interior decoration is the wooden photo frames.

wooden frame portrait

Portraits and pictures in photo frames provide a unique aura to the house, office, or boutique. These portraits and pictures of your pets, family, friends, and even some quotations, remind one of their personal memoirs with a special place in your life. Photo frames take particular sentiments out of your camera into the daylight and provide your home with a touch of personalized arrangements.

Photo frames are usually made of two main materials; wood and metal. Wooden photo frames are either made up of softwood or hardwood. The most common softwoods used for making photo frames include rain, pine, redwood, and cedar. At the same time, the most common hardwoods for photo frames are oak, walnut, cherry, and ash.

pine tree

What is the best wood to make a picture frame?

The best wood to make a picture frame is hardwood, which came from dicot trees like Oak, Maple, and Hickory. Photo frames made of hardwood are more durable and scratch-resistant.

In addition, texturing and graining on hardwood are more refined and noticeable.

Process of making Wooden frame

  1. Cutting and collecting the wood

  2. Convert the Wood into Timber

  3. Cut and prep the Timber

  4. Make the inner and outer frame

  5. Attach the glass and hardboard to hold the picture

  6. Give the final touches to the frame.

  7. Paint and decorate the Frame


1. Cutting and collecting the wood

Harvesting and collecting wood is the foremost step in making wooden frames. Different types of wood are usually obtained from forests to make a lot of wooden products all around the world.

As the society moved toward technology and modernism, traditional cutting methods are replaced by modern processes so as the old equipment like axes with advanced forestry and logging equipment like harvesters and wood chippers.


After cutting the wood, it is transferred to the factory where it is converted into timbers.

2. Convert the Wood into Timber

After collecting the wood, the next step is to convert it into the timber. To convert wood into timber, equipment like a sawmill is used, which minimizes waste and maximizes efficiency. A portable sawmill is suitable for converting large wood logs into small pieces because it can calculate and even cut down to the needed measurements.

Timber wood

3. Cut and prep the Timber

To make a photo frame, use a circular or miter saw to cut the timber to make whitewood boards for the inner and outer trim.

Then the wood is cut to make the top and bottom layers of hardboard. In addition, glass and picture retainers are also used. The measurement of every item depends upon the size of the photo frame that you intend to make.

wood cutting

4. Make the inner and outer frame

After cutting the timber according to the needed measurements, making photo frames begins by making the inner frame.

To make an inner frame, framing studs are arranged into a rectangle and two short pieces are added inside. With the help of a carpenter, it is ensured that the edges of squares are flush and perfectly square. Then, the squares are clamped and connected to the four pieces with wood glue and a finishing nailer.

After completing the inner frame, the next step is to make the outer frame by laying out three layers of the hardboard.

An offset is created by laying the inner frame on top. Then the outer frame is flushed with a glass sheet, picture, and backing. The inner frame is attached to the outer frame with the help of glue and a nail gun.

5. Attach the glass and hardboard to hold the picture

On the inner frame, the first layer of hardboard is placed with the help of brads after spreading the wood glue on it. The same process is repeated with the second layer. Finally, the glass is attached when everything dries up, and clips are screwed to the frame. 

6. Give the final touches to the frame.

Before finishing the photo frame, it is essential to sand the edges of the picture frame in order to avoid a rustic or distressed look.

7. Paint and decorate the Frame

Now that the frame is ready, It's time to apply wooden paint and a finishing touch.

Use a paintbrush and work it in the direction of the wood's grain. Let it dry, and then sand lightly. Remove the sanding dust and apply the second and third coat; Voila, the photo frame is ready! 

Are wooden photo frames better than metal photo frames? 

Metal and wooden photo frames both have different ways of being assembled and maintained. Wooden frames are better for a sleek and sophisticated interior. People with luxurious taste and a caring nature should go for wooden frames.

But if you are looking for a cost-effective frame that also requires less maintenance, then a metal frame is a good fit.

wooden frames

How do you make your own frames?

If you can't find a photo frame capable of cherishing your family photo, make one yourself! Making a photo frame is an easy undertaking. To make your photo frame, you just need to have a couple of framing studs and a little skill in combining them to make a frame.