Gifts for Pet Owners

Gifts for Pet Owners

In a world where wagging tails and purring companionship fill our lives with boundless love, it's only fitting to celebrate the joy that our furry friends bring us. Whether they have feathers, fur, or scales, our pets hold a special place in our hearts and homes. As pet owners, we share an unbreakable bond with our loyal companions, making their presence a constant source of comfort and happiness. And what better way to reciprocate their unconditional affection than by delighting the pet owners in our lives with thoughtfully selected gifts that celebrate their unique connection with their four-legged family members?


Thoughtful Gifts for Pet Owners

Whether you're seeking a gift for a devoted dog owner, a devoted cat enthusiast, or someone whose heart belongs to a more unconventional pet, join us on this exploration of presents that honour the beautiful bond between pets and their loving owners. It's time to embark on a journey of tail wags, whisker twitches, and heartwarming surprises that celebrate the furry, feathered, or scaly members of our families.


Pet Portrait Gifts - Framed Pet Portraits Australia

Custom Pet Portraits by Oh Barney

Since 2019, we've created thousands of Custom Pet Portraits for Australian Pet Owners. We've had the absolute pleasure of receiving over 1,000 reviews many from gift recipients or customers who purchased their Pet Portrait as a gift.

Did you know?

100% of customers who left a review for us, recommend us.

We know that's pretty rad!

Pet Portraits make for the perfect gift for any pet owner. You can sneakily use a photo from their instagram or social media, or ask for a photo of their pet. Once armed with the pet's photo, you can easily upload their photo with your order also opting for additional options to make a truly personalised pet portrait.

Our Pet Portraits start from only $79. You can select to print the artwork yourself at popular Australian stores such as Officeworks. Alternatively, you can use Oh Barney for your printing and framing - just be prepared to be amazed by our quality.

Opt for a Framed Pet Portrait or Unframed and select from sizes A4, A3, A2 & A1.


We hope that we've made pondering upon what to gift someone special in your life that little bit easier. If you have any questions about our Pet Portraits or need any assistance, our Melbourne based team are here to help! Simply swing across to Contact Us and pop through your enquiry.

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